Data-Driven Decision-Making: Revolutionizing Management in the Information Era

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Orcun Sarioguz
Evin Miser


This project extensively explores "Data-Driven Decision-Making: Transforming Management in the Information Age." It begins with a thorough definition and examination of the evolution of management in the Information Age, emphasizing the critical role of data in strategic decision-making. Key components of Data-Driven Decision-Making (DDDM) are analyzed, including data collection and integration, analysis and interpretation, and the importance of data visualization. The benefits of DDDM, such as increased efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness, are highlighted alongside common challenges, providing strategies for successful implementation.Case studies across diverse industries, including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and finance, showcase real-world applications of DDDM. Notable success stories from organizations like Netflix, Amazon, and Wal-Mart illustrate the transformative impact of embracing data-driven strategies. The project also anticipates future trends in DDDM, focusing on the influence of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Ethical considerations, encompassing privacy concerns and responsible data use, are addressed, proposing guidelines for ethical DDDM. This comprehensive guide serves professionals and organizations navigating the dynamic landscape of DDDM, offering insights into implementation, benefits, challenges, and ethical considerations.

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SARIOGUZ, O., & MISER, E. (2023). Data-Driven Decision-Making: Revolutionizing Management in the Information Era. Journal of Artificial Intelligence General Science (JAIGS) ISSN:3006-4023, 4(1), 179–194.