The Impact of Principal on Teacher Motivation in Secondary Schools

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Amizur Nachshoni


This research investigates the influence of school principals' motivation on teachers, recognizing motivation as a complex process driving human behavior towards goals. Motivation's significance lies in its role in energizing individuals towards their aspirations. The study highlights two key motivations: the critical role of motivated teachers in education and the principal's leadership impact on teacher motivation. Literature underscores motivation's multifaceted nature and its link to organizational climate, rewards, and management practices. Challenges include establishing causality between principal actions and teacher motivation amid diverse educational contexts. Despite hurdles, insights gleaned shed light on the principal's influence and teacher motivation levels.

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Nachshoni, A. . (2024). The Impact of Principal on Teacher Motivation in Secondary Schools. Journal of Artificial Intelligence General Science (JAIGS) ISSN:3006-4023, 4(1), 27–44.