JKLST (Journal of Knowledge Learning and Science Technology) is a reputable, peer-reviewed academic journal that operates on an Open Access model. The journal aims to provide a comprehensive and reliable source of information on groundbreaking discoveries and the latest advancements in various areas of the field. It welcomes original research papers, review papers, case reports, short messages, and other relevant contributions.

The review process of JKLST is rigorous and ensures the highest quality of published content. Manuscripts are reviewed by the journal's editorial board members or external experts who are knowledgeable in the respective fields. The review process involves obtaining at least three independent critics' approval, followed by the final approval of the editor. This meticulous evaluation guarantees the validity, significance, and credibility of the published work.

The editorial team of JKLST is committed to managing the entire submission, review, revision, and publishing process efficiently. They work closely with authors to ensure a smooth and timely publication experience. The journal's online platform provides unrestricted access to its content, allowing researchers and scholars from around the world to benefit from the valuable insights and findings without any barriers or subscription requirements.

JKLST strives to maintain its reputation as a reliable and influential platform for disseminating knowledge and promoting scholarly discussions in the field of knowledge acquisition, learning methodologies, and science and technology. By fostering collaboration and facilitating the exchange of ideas, the journal contributes to the advancement of the scientific community and the development of innovative solutions in these domains.


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